The Mix Up With Dominican Drew- DJ E-Stylez (1.2)

Back in late November 2013, Chinx (Drugz version) appeared on Hot 97's The Morning Show, a move facilitated by his soon-to-be collaborator and Hot 97s DJ E-Stylez. This budding relationship proliferated a wealth of music and eventually French Montana and Chinx's collaborative mixtape, Jack Move, released in March 2014 and hosted by E-Stylez. According to E-Stylez, the recording process was fluid and fun, but one visit to French Montana's MTV Cribs-worthy home resulted in primate chain snatching:

I met Julius Caesar, his pet monkey. He was trying to snatch chains. [Laughs]. I don't think he was trying but it caught his eye and he wanted to grab on.

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Check out E-Stylez explain touring with Joell Ortiz, recording with French Montana and Chinx + MORE on PART TWO of his interview on The Mix Up w/ Dominican Drew below: