The Mix Up With Dominican Drew- DJ Juanyto (1.3)

DJ Juanyto does  not only have an ear for picking out the best new music, but an eye for exquisite Latinas with talent. As a contributor on DJ Kay Slay's Straight Stuntin' magazine, DJ Juanyto highlighted a special Latina as the Flava of the Month. According to the "tallest Mexican", that was not the only way he helped Slay with content:

Being on Slay's [Straight Stuntin' Magazine] and helping him..I helped Slay get on Myspace, early on. Helping him get on Twitter. Me and a kid named Young Sav. He used to have a show on Sirius. I would go up to Sirius and be a feature. He'll shoot the shit and crack jokes, but it's learning what Slay does. 

Check out DJ Juanyto discuss mixing comedy with music, working with Erica Mena before the Love & Hip Hop fame + more with Dominican Drew on The Mix Up: