The Mix Up With Dominican Drew - DJ Juanyto (1.2)

On May 26th, 2009 Drake performed his first show in New York City after his So Far Gone mixtape released at SOBs for Hot 97's Who's Next showcase. But in a far away time (presumably late 2008), DJ Juanyto was gifted with So Far Gone's predecessor Comeback Season by Drake's longtime DJ, Future The Prince. Your mother may say never judge a book by its cover, but Juanyto couldn't get pass the Comeback Season cover:

[Drake's DJ Future The Prince] gives me the mixtpae. It's the mixtape Comeback Season. It's the one with the cover of him with the Peacoat and a part [in his hair]. We're like 'What is this? What is this?' Yo we're like ...literally with our hats, threw the CD. I kept it, but I...[Dominican Drew- chucked it to the side] Yeah. 

Check out DJ Juanyto talk about telling Drake his thoughts on Comeback Season, advice to new artists and more on The Mix Up with Dominican Drew below: