The Mix Up With Dominican Drew - DJ Juanyto (1.1)

In mid-March of 2014, Bishop Nehru embarked on a mini-European tour to drum up aniticipation for the October release of his collaborative album with MF Doom Nehruvian Doom. Alongside him was DJ Juanyto making his first ever trek overseas where the love of HIp Hop was comforting, but according  to Juanyto, the food was not so inviting:

There were a couple of times I was sick, he was sick. But that's just going through customs. Goin through eating foods. But, we love it. We love that experience. Yo, Europe, no matter if it's Paris; we went to Ibiza, Belgium, London, yo, they really f*ck with Hip Hop. Bishop is really that dude when it comes to real hip hop.

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