The Mix Up (Hosted By Dominican Drew) Ep 1.2- DJ Drewski

DJ Drewski is often referred to without the "DJ" prefix. Not due to an absence from the DJ scene but for the ubiquity of his name among many areas of the music industry. From Video editing Jim Jones' ReVamp freestyle series and A&R'ing songs with Mack Wilds and Maino to taking control of both rappers' web presence, Drewski explains to Dominican Drew why he stretches himself so thin:

Everyone I work with , mostly I have a personal relationship with. These are the people I will do stuff for at any minute. [Dominican Drew], Cipha [Sounds], like people I'm really close with. So, Maino and Jim [Jones] are the same thing. Sleep at Maino's house, barbecued. Sh*t like that.

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