The Mix Up (Hosted By Dominican Drew) Ep 1.1- DJ Drewski

Another day. Another new CULTURED APPROVED original series debuts. Today we unveil the new interview series The Mix Up hosted by former Hot 97 engineer and current Radio 103.9 NY Producer/Engineer Dominican Drew interviews Hot 97's DJ Drewski about hosting on 106 & Park, his first DJ gigs and more.

In this day and age where there are DJs that earn more money than Jay Z,  Andrew Loffa (b.k.a. Drewski) is a byporduct of the highly visible, diversified DJ and the advent of social media. Before a teenage Drewski knew it, April 2006 would change his entire life as Cipha Sounds took over as host of MTV's Direct Effect (later named Sucker Free). The way Drewski tells it, bypassing security to literally enter Cipha Sounds' dressing room was figuratively his foot in the door: 

I would go sit in the audience and then after the show run up on [Cipha Sounds] in the dressing room. 'Yo Ciph, if you need help, let me know.' He's like 'what can you do?' I can open up DJ, but all DJ's get that. But all DJ's get that so that's not going to work, because he's around DJ's every day. So I was like 'you don't have no web presence or none of that, so let me shoot and edit your videos.' It got me in.

Check out Drewski explain how his relationship with Angie Martinez has been affected by her move to Power 105.1, his first DJ gig at a bowling alley and more on the first episode of THE MIX UP: