The Mix Up (Hosted By Dominican Drew) Ep 1.3- DJ Drewski

Cipha Sounds has been DJ'ing for over 15 years and have worked with almost every Hip Hop artist worth their salt in the late 90s and beyond. Years ago, Cipha joined the improv comedy organization Uprights Citizen Brigade(UCB) and soon began his own Hip Hop improv show Take It Personal. On the final part of The Mix Up's first episode, DJ Drewski explains how he woke Cipha Sounds back up from solely dedicated to comedy to forming their music collective The MVMT and taking this act on the road:

It was just like a wake up like 'C'mon Ciph, let's go. We going to wake you up and get you going. If I have to motivate you I'll do that. But, this is what we do. You put me in this position to now do it, so now you going to do it with me. You can still dot the comedy but we are going to get to this music. 

Check out Drewski explain his hustle and more on the final part of DJ Drewski's episode on The Mix Up: