The Mix Up With Dominican Drew- DJ E-Stylez (1.3)

What does Tom Brady and DJ E-Stylez have in common? Besides working with Hip Hop artists, they have both stepped in as a replacement and shined. In the last part of DJ E-Stylez interview on The Mix Up With Dominican Drew, the Hot 97 regular explains his reaction when former Program Director Ebro Darden chose him to replace an absent Cipha Sounds for his first DJ gig on Hot 97's airwaves:

I was like 'Holy shit.' My palms started sweating. I was scared to scratch because I was afraid to mess up 'cause my hands were so sweaty. But, I got into the booth and it went well. It was so nerve wracking, because you're thinking 'there's like a million people listening to you…AND EBRO! [Laughs] The boss being right there, listening to everything, watching you. That just puts more pressure on you. 

Check out the FULL third part of DJ-Estylez interview on The Mix Up with Dominican Drew below along with the prior two parts: