D. Chamberz - I'm French Tho

Over the past few years New York has been going through a bit of an identity crisis. New York fans have been upset over the lack of the signature New York feel and sound; claiming that NY rappers have adopted the southern culture. But the bone marrow of New York is hustling and lets face it, New York niggas been going south to get it, before the emergence of modern day Trap Rap. D. Chamberz heard these complaints. On his latest offering I'm French Tho, Chamberz met the two in the middle. With Nice & Wavy on the production I'm French Tho pays homage to one of the newest titans to come out of the rotten apple, French Montana, over a boom bap, undeniably New York sounding track. Referencing Montana's hits along with some his street classics, Chambers manages to smoothly tie in what everyone wants. We have to give D. Chamberz for crafting such a track. In the current, nostalgia loving society, the beat provides that. With people loving meta-self referential content, Chamberz checked that off the list. To top it off the bars and word play go under the radar until the nostalgia and meta layers wear off. I'm French Tho is the gift that keeps on giving.