Rome - Wasn't Built In A Day

As I said before -- there is something in the water in Rhode Island. From the north eastern state we get Rome with his latest effort "Wasn't Built In A Day". This tightly constructed 8 song project is a joy to listen to. Straight out the gate with "Blood, Sweat, and Tears", he makes it clear as to what his mission statement is; Rome is coming for whatever is his. This motif can be checked from his lead single "Ted DiBiase" where Rome rhymes "Everything comes with a price// thats what I'm gon pay for it, nigga". Working hard and getting what is deserved is the through line of this body of work. "W.Y.G.D.?" is the exclamation point with a highlighter to this sentiment. On this track Rome asks the listeners to get introspective to their own motivation and goals.  In the entirety of the project the emcee keeps the features to a minimum with only Ceez and Dari'on Lance making guests appearances. The sound of the tracks as a collective is very cohesive and impressive. Rome shows room for improvement for future efforts but as the title states... nothing is built in a day.