The Blancos - Lock Me Away

If you been following CulturedApproved then you should know by now we are big fans of the The Blancos. Well if not here's what we know about the duo thus far....

-Extremely original (Indie vs Grudge meets HipHop with a mix of soul, it's like a fatal four way of talent)

-New York City Based

-The "HeartlessRomantic" EP which they released for free has given the duo a lane no one is currently in. Songs like "Bathroom" to "Love's Impossible" shows the world crafting creative good music is not a problem for them. Vocally impressive while pushing boundaries if you don't have the EP in your playlist you are doing a injustice to your ears.

-Awesome beards #beardthefuckup

They will be playing their first ever NYC show at Pianos on Aug. 16th at 11pm in the showroom. I advise you to witness greatness and get you tix in advance. For now listen to "Lock me away" a hypnotic soulful track that captures you as soon as you hear the vocals start.