Raury - Cigarette Song

I love finding out about cultured artists! A artist who is not defined by his/her region, race , creed or whatever else factors out there that gets in the way of making good music. Today we introduce you to East Atlanta's Raury who's creativity you should pay attention to. Marketing wise his "anti tour" promotional campaign was risky but brilliant all at the same time. The "anti tour" was when established artists such as Childish Gambino perform in his town Raury would throw a impromptu performance after the event right outside of the venue(ballsy, right?).

Raury's hypnotic new single "Cigarette Song" is comparing his love to cigarettes while he passionately tells his lady friend "I won't love you right" and "You only got me for tonight" just like those Newports I smoke bad for my health and they won't last long.

I recommend visiting his soundcloud page and checking out "Sunshine" and "God's Whisper"