Raheem Recess - Recess

 I've been checking out this Brooklyn kid's music ever since he dropped his last project Roaches Love Cereal and I was super excited to finally hear some new music from Raheem. Raheem Recess is that kid who's not super gangsta but at the same time is far from a nerd, he's a cool NYC Emcee who makes cool music, period.

The Recess project is filled with impressive wordplay, head nodding beats and subtle positive messages that would make Common smile. The way Raheem switches flows so effortless on tracks like "Remedy" where he delivers a whisper like hook then a rapid fire delivery is what makes this artist approved. The stand out cut "Wassup" produced by The Amazing SB featuring Kool A.D showcases Raheem's ability to craft a single ready for the masses.


Cultured Approved