G4shi - 4play

 Honesty is something you rarely find in today's artist so when you finally hear a artist being genuinely honest that my friends is something you could appreciate. This brings me to G4shi, a African born NYC raised Emcee who's honest music has gotten a cult following and his name buzzing.

 G4shi latest project "4 play" consists of above average production layered with emotions creating a project that separates G4shi from the rest of the rappers running a muck in the industry. Stand out cuts include "Room 4" "What They Know" and "October 4" but the true gem is "Alone". On "Alone" G4shi bares his soul singing heartfelt lyrics about being alone but never being lonely and this is a prime example of why Mr. G4 is ahead of the pack. Lyrically G4shi is no slouch either , whether it's witty lines about the opposite sex or introspective lines like "a guilty person always answers a question with a question" the bars truly have a unique balance. 

 Here at CulturedApproved we have no doubt G4shi will create his own lane in this already packed industry, It's only the first quarter for G4shi but you still got to throw your 4's up.


Cultured Approved