Tastemakers- Obnoxious NY (1.1)

What a difference five years make. Today, Bodega Bamz and Smoke DZA have etched their own lanes in the congested NYC underground with Bamz releasing his first album with Duck Down, Sidewalk Exec a few weeks ago and Smoke DZA's RFC Music Group releasing their compilation last November. But by November 2010,  Bamz was two years from releasing his breakout mixtape Strictly 4 My P.A.P.I.Z and DZA went from your favorite rapper's weed man to uprising MC himself releasing Substance Abuse 1.5: The Headstash and George Kush Da Button by that time. Multimedia brand Obnoxious New York, headed by Alexander Cordero and Eli, had the two at their Pick Your Poison showcase before they blew up:

Check out Alex and Eli speak on developing their Obnoxious New York brand as well as why they gave artists such as Smoke DZA and Bodega Bamz the platform at a early stage in their careers on this episode of Tastemakers: