Tastemakers- Ebro Darden Episode 1.3

On the final part of our 3-part episode with Hot 97's Ebro In The Morning host and former Program Director we discuss humans' propensity to blame, his regrets and more.

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The man made of opinions does believe"one thing I've seen in humans, period, and you'll know it if you look for it is most people try to take responsibility for their own shit." He then explains why feels he has no mistakes to regret during his time at HOT 97:

I feel like I always..not that I made the right decisions...everything we do here is mostly a team effort. It'`s not a dictatorship. There's certain things that are like...I guess I can say I wish I wouldn't let them decide to do X-Y-Z, because now I have to fix blah-blah-blah. But, at the same time if I didn't let them do that, or make that collective decision, we wouldn't have learned from it. So, is it really a mistake if you were able to learn from it?

Check out the final part of Ebro Darden's interview on "Tastemakers" below: