Extra Taste: Hot 97's Ebro Explains How Bobby Schmurda's "Hot N*gga Is A Shitty Song" and The Song Of The Summer

Life comes at you fast and in the perpetually youthful Hip Hop genre, you have to move a lot faster. CULTUREDAPPROVED's Tastemakers interview with Hot 97's Ebro Darden contained so many gems we had to start EXTRA TASTE. On this EXTRA TASTE, Ebro spoke on Bobby Schmurda's "Hot Nigga" records and explains that while "evidence suggests that was the biggest song of the summer" it was still a "shitty song":

Let's be real, "Hot Nigga" is a shitty song. Right? It didn't sound good when we put it on radio. The mix was bad. There was no structure. But, what we see with songs like that is it's a moment. It's a happening. Bobbby's performance in the song itself  sounds like he's having fun. BOUT A WEEK AGOOOO!! Because that was a genuine him having fun in the song, those ended up being the hook. 

Check out Hot 97's Ebro Darden explain how Bobby Schmurda is a shitty song that became song of the summer below: