Khary Durgans - "Self Centered/Twenty – 3″ (Prod. Jeauxsmeaux + James Rogers)

"Don't talk drive to a nigga with a bus pass"-Khary Durgans

CULTUREDAPPROVED'S Storyteller Sir Khary Durgans delivers a two-part 6-minute+ gem with "self centered/Twenty - 3".The teremity in witty declarations like "fuck Dr. Doolittle, I ain't really talking to bitches" on the James Rogers-produced "Twenty - 3" is reminiscent of his Swim Team standout "Hold Up". Greatness requires some level of self-centered behavior and Khary has no problem with that immutable fact.

Check out the Khary Durgans eviscerate two impressive beats on "self centered/Twenty - 3" below and also peep his explanation of the two song courtesy of Mass Appeal who premiered the song below:


The first song idea came about from a trip back home to Providence over Christmas vacation when a friend that I’ve known since middle school called me self-centered. Our feud goes much further back than that, but him saying that made me revaluate who I am. I’ve never pictured myself as a person who’s only concerned with himself, but I guess it takes a level of that when you’re really focused on elevating your position in life. If that hinders my relationships with people who aren’t moving in a similar direction, then I’m willing to make that sacrifice and be “self centered.” That’s why the chorus says, “… lucky me I’m a winner/heard you can only find yourself at that center”. 

The second song ties into the first because it’s me venting my frustrations at the age of 23. I’ve been thinking about making a similar song every year during my 20’s. James Rogers had sent me the beat after I had recorded the first song but I felt like they where both hitting the same vein so I put them together with my engineer Mike Irish.