Live From The Underground- Par City (Pt. 2)

On September 19th, 1989, Janet Jackson, with the help of the hypnotic funk and released Rhythm Nation 1814 25 years ago. As true 80's babies, Gif The Great and Willy Dope decided to update the song on the group's Peter Rosenberg-hosted mixtape People Power. In PART TWO of the group's Live From The Underground interview, Gif admits the task of remixing a song that is old enough to have went to school with him was quickly dissuaded: 

You ain't really see any type of rapper rapping over Rhythm Nation and making it sound hot. I enjoyed that one. I was kind of questioning myself, I ain't going to lie. [illy Dope- Until he heard these bars!] Yeah, Willy Dope took the challenge on first, he did his verse first. I was like 'iight, I see what he did.'

Check out People Power here and Willy Dope and Gif The Great of Par-City explain their upcoming EP + MORE below: