Live From The Underground- G4Shi (Part 3)

Labinot "Larry" Gashi did not simply replace the 'a' in his last name for a '4' arbitrarily similar to all epidemic of '$' rapper names that has been plaguing the game this past decade. On the final part of G4Shi's Live From The Underground interview, he explains how his prior experience with football is what inspired the inclusion of the 4 in his name. According to G4shi, throwing up four fingers during the fourth quarter of a football game usually states "you're still playing, it's fourth, the game's still going on, it's the fourth quarter." That 

I look at life like the football game, because if you work hard enough you can achieve good things, like a scholarship. Whatever you do, if you a stripper and people ask you if you still a striping, you can throw your 4's up stating you're still getting money, you still in the game. If you a doctor and you still saving lives, 4's up 'cause you still in the game and saving lives. 4's up to everybody living, period, because life is so fucken hard. If you still living, 4's up. That's why in the song "Show Us The Way" I say "At family gatherings every evening/Auntie asking if you're still rapping, like bitch are you still breathing?"

While G4shi wants people to derive inspiration from throwing their 4's up he wanted to send a statement to the imitators: "4's up is my slogan. Stop using my shit, Big Sean's hypeman."

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