Live From The Underground- Chris Rivers & Whispers (1.1)

It's a new year and CulturedApproved's Content Manager Danny Lugo is back in the Underground speaking with the rappers On this episode, Chris Rivers (f.k.a. Baby Pun) and Whispers discuss the lost art of the back-and-forth rap style that have been foundational to Hip Hop since Run DMC's Adidas ran New York. On the video set for their "The Statement" collaboration from Rivers' Wonderland of Misery 2, the two break down their previous collaboration, "Let One Off" from the first Wonderland of Misery:

Chris Rivers: It really depends. On the first one "Let One Off", we wrote that shit at the same time. So we were building off of each other. It just works that way.
Whispers: There's different methods to it. To me, it depends on the beat. I might be like 'Chris, let's go back and forth on this. Aight, bet.' I might write mine first. So I'm like 'Yo, Chris, this my piece.' Then Chris is like 'Aight, bet. I can fill in the rest of the pieces.' Or it's vice-versa. However it goes. 

Check out more from the first part of Chris Rivers and Whispers' Live From The Underground interview below: