Live From The Underground- Chris Rives & Whispers (1.3)

Chris Rivers and Whispers prove one of the immutable law of the underground to be true once again: only the hungry will survive. Both MCs announce they are gearing to release new projects soon. Whisper appeared on The Lox's "Footage" song off their The Trinity 2nd Sermon EP last November and reveals that he has a few new major placements coming up. After releasing The Good King EP on iTunes on June 8 and then released Wonderland of Misery 2 on DatPiff on June 9 of last year, Rivers is ready to go on a tear:

Whispers: I'm not sure what I'm going to name it. I'm leaning towards The Red Dog. I'll say..I dont know. Maybe in a few months. But, I got a lot of other shit that's poppin' off that's going to be real crazy. 
Chris Rivers: I got another project in the works too. It's probably going to be called Let Me Show You. It's one of those things if niggas still got doubts in this point, I'mma just have to show you. That's in the works as well. It should be here probably in the first couple of months of this year. 

Check out the full FINAL part of Chris Rivers and Whispers' interview on Live From The Underground: