Live From The Underground- Merse (Pt. 2)

Let Bob Marley tell it, when good music hits you, you know it. In the SECOND PART of Bonafide's Merse's interview on Live From The Underground. The juxtaposition that is inherently imbued in every rapper attempting to make a legal living after coming from a dangerous past, Merse remembers the times of his mother cooking dinner while he was admittedly (and ironically) "busting shots, trying to eat". According to the Harlem spitter, his EP's Lord Have title is more cautionary than a simple play on words:

How I take it, if you see something tragic for instance and you're like 'Lord Have Mercy'. Like, 'God bless this person'. That's what the whole album's vibe was supposed to be. Damn, this is what I went through Lord Have Mercy, God bless that I'm still here to tell this story. Everybody has a story to tell.  

Find out how Merse writes without writing, his thoughts on inspiring the youth and more check below: