Live From The Underground - Merse

On this episode of CULTUREDAPPROVED's Live From The Underground, Danny Lugo travels through East Harlem with one of its own, Bonafied's Merse. In the first part of the interview, Merse takes us to Jefferson Projects on E 115th St. and breaks down, among other things,how the culture of East Harlem breeds distinctive characteristics:

East Harlem motherfuckers stand out. Wherever they at, you can tell 'that motherfucker from the East side. We don't got to be necessarily from Jefferson Projects. He can be from Wagner [Projects], Wilson [Projects] or Johnson [Projects]. You can tell when he somewhere else, 'that motherfucker from East Harlem.'It's a whole culture. 

Check out the first part of Merse's interview on Live From The Underground below: