Live From The Underground - Par-City (Pt. 1)

 In a Hip Hop world where every one wants to be "King" it's refreshing to see a group of young men come together to create art. This brings us to the latest episode of "Live From The Underground" which features the Bronx duo (sometimes trio?) Par-City. Consisting of members Willy Dope, Gif the Great and (sometimes?) Young Wit, CulturedApproved's Lugo caught up with the guys at NYC's DTF radio while doing promo for their new project "People Power".

  In part 1 of a 3 part series Par-City explains the concept of their new project "People Power" and what goes into making a a project like they did.

"We wanted to be a little more interactive this time, so we took it to social media, asked people to submit like suggestions...What do you want Par-City to rap on" 

-Willy Dope on the makings of "People Power"

Check out part 1 below