Live From The Underground- G4shi

G4shi is the epitome of cultured. In this latest episode of #LiveFromTheUnderground, Hip Hop artist G4shi explains traveling around Africa before he was a teenage, facing persecution and how Michael Jackson (along with Coolio) formed his early musical taste.

While G4shi admits that he does not have a definitive timeline of his time in and leaving Africa, he does reveal he stayed in Africa until he was seven. As the son of Albanian parents whom were either nurses or training to become doctors, G4shi explains how his family felt like "outsiders" and eventually decided to leave Africa:

While being out there, things were getting strict. We moved around. We lived in Libia, Tunisia, Egypt. We traveled North and South Africa. We traveled to a lot of spots. When things started getting crazy where the place we lived at, people were feeling like they didn't want outsiders living there. So, things started to get messed up and my parents decided 'Hey, let's move to America. There's freedom there and we won't feel like outsiders.'

Africa in the 90s was not the most Hip Hop-centric continent in the world, but G4shi explains how he spread the good gospel of one Coolio:

Coolio's "Gangster's Paradise" was the first Hip Hop song I ever heard. That was the best record. My dad just got a car in Africa and we're the first people in the neighborhood to get a car. My mom would be in the front and my dad would be driving with me and my sister in the back. My dad would play that record over and over again. In a tight ass car with no A/C. We'd be driving to the beach, playing that over and over again. Either that or Michael Jackson.

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