Live From The Underground - Par-City (Pt. 1)

In part 1 of a 3 part series Par-City explains the concept of their new project "People Power" and what goes into making a a project like they did.

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Live From The Underground - E.N.Y. The Artist

CULTUREDAPPROVED are in the streets of Jackson Heights, Queens talking with New York's own ENY The Artist for the latest edition of LIVE FROM THE UNDERGROUND. ENY breaks down the science of making his music and with that type of attention to detail, his comparison to a conductor does not seem that far fetched:

I look at myself as a conductor and I'm conducting a symphony. Everything have to go together. I sit in the studio with engineers. Some engineers get mad at me because I'm so picky and particular about my sound. It's just everything has to be perfect and put in a certain pocket. It's a science of it.