Zoe Kravitz Story Of Prince Watching Her Dance In Her Underwear in 2008 For Obama Is Quintessential Prince

Octoboer 2008 were strange times. Gym Class Heroes were performing with The Roots. Kanye West, Pharrell, and Lupe Fiasco were forming a supergroup. But, most importantly, Barack Obama was getting so popular in the Presidential election, he was getting votes from Bush supporters.

According to Zoe Kravitz during her visit to Cipha Sounds' Take It Personal improv show in 2014, in October 2008 she was performing in burlesque singing about supporting Obama as part of The Citizen's Band. The band performed twice in October 2008 at the Henry Street Settlement in New York City and Zoe says the late, great Prince was in attendance at one of the shows.

But that's only where the wacky story begins and somehow ends with Prince having a flashback of Purple Rain.