Four People Possibly Injured In Alleged Shooting At Lil Wayne's Home

By: Keith Nelson Jr (@JusAire)

WSVN 7 broke news moments ago that Miami Beach police were called to Lil Wayne's mansion in response to a call received stating four people were shot in the mansion. WSVN 7's source informed them that the person who made the call was not in the mansion when making the call, yet no one near the mansion on 94 Lagorce Circle has reported gun shots were fired. The caller called the Miami Beach Police Department directly on its non-emergency phone line instead of 9-1-1. The police trust the veracity of the call and are geared up and WSNV 7's source says police do not feel safe to enter the house.

No one inside the house has responded to Miami Beach police's attempts to contact them, according to WSNV 7's source. An unnamed member of Lil Wayne's entourage arrived on the scene. Young Money's official Twitter account confirmed that Lil Wayne was not home during the shooting, but no word if Lil Wayne has been contacted. The police have inspected the perimeter of the property and have cleared it.

This alleged shooting comes 11 days after a suspicious man was seen lurking around the premises who claimed Lil Wayne gave him permission to approach the premises. He was not arrested as he was on public property when police arrived on the scene. 

UPDATE: Miami Beach Police confirm no one was shot and there are no victims. Lil Wayne claims it was a prank call.