Shaq Explains Why He "Probably" Told Kobe Bryant He Would Kill Him

Last week, Bleacher Report published the oral history of the 2003-2004 Los Angeles Lakers, describing the team as "the 1st Super Team". In the article, Lakers vice president of public relations John Black claimed that Shaq threatened to "murder" Kobe Bryant after a particularly bad argument that required then assistant coach Brian Shaw to separate the two. On his new podcast, The Big Podcast With Shaqhe clears the air on what actually transpired. 

He clarifies that "murder is the wrong word" but did explain why he "probably" did tell his former teammate he would kill him as part of a grander plan:

A lot of the things that went on were designed by me. Out of the 500 articles that were probably printed, I probably meant it in ten of them. So, did I say I was going to kill him? Yeah. Did I really want to kill him? No. 

Now if Shaq can get Karl Malone to explain why he flirted with Kobe Bryant's wife during the very next season this podcast could be his George Foreman Grill. 

Check out the full first episode of Shaq's The Big Podcast With Shaq hereHear him explain why he told Kobe he would murder him below: