Twitter TV Report: Dallas Cowboys Losing Is Bigger Than Hollywood Winning

By: Keith Nelson Jr (@JusAire), Editor-In-Chief


Unique Authors: Number of Twitter accounts that sent at least one tweet about TV Show

Impressions: Number of times a tweet related to the TV show was seen

Unique Audience: Number of Twitter accounts which had at least one Impression. 

The DNA of the 21st century NFL fan is comprised of blood, sweat, tears of joy when the Dallas Cowboys lose. The Cowboys are the only U.S. sports team to be valued at $3 billion, play in a stadium worth over $1.2 billion and generated $80 million more in revenue in 2013 than the St. Louis Rams and the Buffalo Bills COMBINED. They're the really popular jock who fails all his tests but still gets the newest cars because their daddy is rich. How can The Golden Globes and its glorified happy hour for celebrities top that?

Simple. It can't.

The Numbers:

NFC Divisional Playoffs: Cowboys vs. Green Bay Packers:

11.17 million unique audience/299,935,000 impressions (26.8 impressions per audience member)

949,000 Unique authors/3,007,000 tweets (3.2 tweets per author)

44.1 million TV viewers

Duration: 3 hours

72nd Annual Golden Globes Awards:

10.436 million Unique Audience/332,410,000 Impressions (31.85 impressions per audience member)

556,000 Unique Authors/1,885,000 tweets (3.39 tweets per author)

19.3 million TV viewers

Duration: 3 hours

The Analysis

The Cowboys vs Packers Divisional playoff game and the Golden Globes both dominated the first (TV) and second (Twitter) screens in their respective time slots. But, whereas Golden Globes viewers were either waiting to start their Bill Cosby drinking game or crafting the wittiest way to say they want more TV time for Jennifer Lopez and her "globes", NFL fans couch coach using as few characters as possible and enough exclamation marks to wake the deaf. There were 10,472 tweets about The Golden Globes sent every minute (174.5 per second) compared to the 16,705 tweets about the Cowboys/Packers game sent every minute (278.4 tweets per second). For a sport whose excitement levels can change with every pass, real-time Twitter analysis is more paramount than for an award show that can go 10-15 minutes with the only interesting happening being a fake virgin upsetting Lena Dunham and her fake nipples.  

But, in reality, no matter how many self-righteous hipsters turned showrunners Hollywood throws at you, this isn't really a fair fight. Without NFL games, broadcast TV would have already been hung by the chord millennials are cutting with video-on-demand subscription services. For the third consecutive year NFL games accounted for at least 17 of the most 20 watched TV programs for the 17-week fall TV season with 45 of the 50 most watched shows from last Fall being NFL games. In 2014, NFL games averaged 17.6 million viewers (300k more viewers than AMC’s The Walking Dead’s record season 5 premiere back in October 2014). The Cowboys have been a part of at least three of the Top 10 most viewed TV shows of the fall season since 2010, averaging over four the past three years and claiming the #1 spot every year. The Golden Globes on the other hand have not had more than three consecutive years of viewership growth since 2008-2011 and this year's 19.3 million viewers is the lowest since 2012's 16.3 million viewers. 

Why has a team that has had relatively no major success for the entire 21st century continued to be watched by more people than an award show that celebrates excellence and parades around celebrities? Because on TV and Twitter, hate overpowers love.

If the Wendy Williams-executive produced Aaliyah biopic proved anything it was anything on TV can be hate-watched to #1The Dallas Cowboys, which entered the playoffs being voted the most hated team in the NFL in one poll and lost their six-year reign as the most loved NFL team in Nielsen's Harris pollwere 7-point favorites to win their playoff match-up against the Detroit Lions. They won that game and attracted 42.3 million TV viewers, 2,426,000 tweets from 723,000 twitter accounts seen by 9,811,000 different people. The Cowboys were six point underdogs against the same Green Bay Packers who ranked higher than the Cowboys in the same Harris poll of most loved NFL teams. Over 1.5 million more people watched, over 225,000 more Twitter accounts tweeted out over 580,000 more tweets seen by 1.3 million more people. This image alone probably produced more tweets than any one moment in the Golden Globes' (Twitter) history:

Sports is real-life theater that requires you watch it in real-time and Dez Bryant's controversial incomplete pass is a plot twist that would make Gone Girl look anticlimactic. A drama mixed with comedy and some inadvertent romance The Golden Globes caters to an older, less engaged crowd. A crowd that would go ape shit if Prince materialized by surprise, but not young enough to admit that Comedy Central's Broad City was the funniest show last year. 

Until then...EMBRACE THE HATE!

Here are the full Twitter TV ratings for 1/05-1/11:

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