Chris Rock Explains 2014 Ten Years Ago On "Never Scared"

By: Keith Nelson Jr (@JusAire)

2004 was a strange and foreign time. A Black man's Confessions is all ANYONE wanted to hear. Facebook did not exist ( was born July 04). Shit, George W. Bush Jr was still liked by more people than disliked for a large portion of it.

But on April 17th, 2004 (the last week Bush Jr had 50%+ approval rating for the following FOUR MONTHS), Chris Rock slapped 2004 with a jagged edged mirror that fit a hypocritical U.S government, misogynistic rap female fans, Usher(and Lil John) and the American population in its frame. 

Never Scared was Rock's first stand up special in five years(after doing three from '94-'99) and he still sounds like he's talking directly to us...

10 years later.

Government Distracting Us With News

How does it apply to 2014?

 On the last day of 2012, the U.S. government hung the American people off a fiscal cliff as it reached its spending limit and was in danger of shutting down by February 2013. What happened in February 2013? For two weeks, Americans were given Christopher Dorner, a propagandist's wet dream. It had a revelatory letter than explained backstory and outlined the villain's moves (Manifesto), police corruption (L.A. Police Department), a manhunt for an illusive figure only seen in still pictures and grainy surveillance footage

Around 8:45 P.M. EST on February 12th, 2013, CNN reported that police began clearing the road for firefighters to extinguish the cabin in California's Big Bear area northeast of Los Angeles that was allegedly burned down by "pyrotechnic tear gas"...unintentionally. Christopher Dorner's body was later revealed to have been burned beyond recognition, but luckily he had the most durable wallet and I.D. known to man, so we were able to know it was him.

What happened merely 30 minutes after the fire? President Obama started his State of the Union address which put a big focus on gun control. 

You couldn't make this shit up if you tried.

But that was 2013. We are in a new year. A new era, right?

 With a missing Malaysian plane dominating all major American news while America and European Union attempt to put a pacifier in Russia's Ukraine thirst, 2014 is already shaping up to be another trophy year in governmental news manipulation. 

Will It Continue In 2024?

OF COURSE! As long as the government has to "protect" us they will "lie" to us. Parents will always tell their kids Santa Claus is real in order to keep them busy on being good while Mom and Dad get medieval in Toys R' Us over the last Elmo(sorry, flashback). What's next? Well Mars One plans to send four people on a one-way colonization trip to Mars by 2025, a year after House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's budget plan would turn Medicare into "a premium support model for seniors" matter if Obamacares.

It's Hard To Defend Rap Music






How does it apply to 2014?

Here is what half the chorus of a rap song that crossed a million singles sold in 2014 looks like:

"My nigga, my nigga
My nigga, my nigga (My motherfucking niggas!)
My nigga, my nigga (My nigga, my nigga)
My nigga, my nigga"

Will It Continue In 2024? 

YES! Over the past four years, Billboard (the traditional trend influence) has slowly begun adjusting its methodology to give social media a larger role in determining what is popular. If you thought record labels pumped out garbage, imagine what Twitter having its own chart on Billboard (Twitter Real Time Chart) will do.  In a not so distant future, 1 million RTs of "I'm A Twitter Nigga" could translate into a platinum single.  


Black Athletes = New Slaves






How does it apply to 2014?

ESPN and HBO uncovered that for over 15 years, football players at the University of North Carolina had been advised to take "paper classes" to maintain academic eligibility. Those classes did not require any attendance, were largely graded on a few papers and mostly found in the African American Studies department (most ironic Black on Black crime). According to Mary Willingham, a UNC Center for Student Success and Academic Counseling employee, 60% of the football athletes at UNC between 2004-2012 read between fourth- and eighth-grade levels. Add that with the fact that collegiate sports is an $8 billion industry that prevents the athletes that generate the money to profit off of selling their likeness(essentially owning their identity) and you get "New Slaves 2 (NCAA Remix)".

Will It Continue In 2024? 

Will water always be wet? Will we always need air to breathe? Will Rust Cohle ever say a sentence that doesn't have 12 meanings? No one truly knows but there's enough history to paint a pretty accurate future. With ESPN's SEC Network (launching this August) BY ITSELF expected to rake in $2.25 billion through 2024, you can expect dumber college stars, younger NFL players, and more impoverished Black athletes in their 30s.