#MovieChoiceMonday: Big Hero 6

When the conversation comes up about great comic book movies its very easy to over-look some hidden gems. While most of the public loves the grit of the Dark Knights and assembles in hordes for Avengers, there are a few that fly under the radar to land straight into our hearts. M. Night Shyamalan broke our minds with Unbreakable in 2000. Four years later ass-kicking went domestic with the release of the classic, The Incredibles.  After Disney bought Marvel in 2009, they had an endless well of IP's to review. In 2014 Disney Animation released the surprisingly refreshing Big Hero 6. Big Hero 6 is adapted from the comic book of Japanese-based heroes. Though the tone of the source material was Disney-fied for the intended audience, the media giant pulled it off flawlessly.

Big Hero 6 takes place in the fictional San Fran Tokyo sometime in the near future. Our main story centers around an angsty  13 year old tech-genius, Hiro, and his brother, Tadashi. After challenging Hiro to apply his knowledge for the greater good, Tadashi gets into a fatal accident. With the help of Tadashi's classmates and loveable science project, BayMax, young Hiro is to rise to the occasion and do what he must in memory of his brother. 

The plot sounds simple and fluffy enough, but the approach Disney Studios took with this property was remarkable to watch unfold. Big Hero 6 touches on some dark themes in it hour-forty-five minute run time. Hiro and Tadashi are living with their aunt following the death of their parents. After the accident that takes Hiro's big brother, Disney pulls at your heart strings in their signature way. Just when the audience's heart is heavy, the film introduces BayMax; and we know that we're in for a very special character. BayMax is the final project Tadashi left behind. Originally intended to be a health care companion, this loveable robot gets upgraded to one of the most unlikely bad-ass side kick a hero could ask for. Along with help from the rest of the crew, Hiro and BayMax take an epic journey to the dark side of loss and self discovery.