Netflix Reveals How Many Hours Of Original Programming It's Giving For 2016. It's Insane

Did you submerge your heart in the depths of a binge session of Making A Murderer, well prepare to not have a life. Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos revealed earlier today at the company's first CES keynote speech, that the streaming giant will provide more than an insane 600 hours of original programming. 

If you're thinking that might be overkill, well then you don't know how deep the streaming needle goes into our veins. According to Netflix CEO Reed Hastings, we dedicated 12 billion hours of our lives to  Netflix streaming in just the last three months alone. That is nearly 50% more than the 8.25 billion hours of Netflix streaming we had in the same time period in 2014. That would equal a daily average of over 133 million hours of streaming, eight million hours more than the 125 million daily hours of streaming Netflix experiences. 

It makes all the sense in the world, Netflix's last three months have been a victory lap akin to the 2007 New England Patriots leaving their starters in to run up the score. Between October and the end of the year, Netflix released Beasts of No Nation, its first film featuring Idris Elba, Aziz Ansari's Masters of None, Marvel's Jessica Jones and the true crime documentary that has captivated America, Making a Murderer. Shit, Netflix was so dominant its TV shows during that time were even murking Amazon original programs on Twitter

Looking at Netflix's upcoming calendar, 600 hours seems like a conservative estimate. Netflix already have over 30 original series and movies planned through the Fall, which alone could equal to over 300 hours. So whether it's Fuller House, the new season of Daredevil or Chelsea Handler's docuseries Chelsea Does coming on January 26th, Netflix will be all you stream.