VH1's "The Breaks" Debuts In The Top Five Of Twitter TV Charts

Last night (January 4th) VH1 debuted Seith Mann's ode to the golden years of Hip Hop, The Breaks, featuring original lyrics from lyrical titan Phonte and acting from Hip Hop's adopted son, Tristan "Mack Wilds" Wilds and was a huge hit on Twitter. The VH1 original film debuted in the Top 5 of Twitter's TV Ratings chart.

The film attracted 50,000 tweets sent from 18,000 Twitter accounts. Those tweets were seen 4,289,000 times by 779,000 different Twitter accounts. The film aired at 9 P.M. EST and actually outperformed a few games in college basketball and hockey .Last night's Virginia vs Virginia Tech college basketball matchup and the Los Angeles Kings vs Colorado Avalanche both aired at 9 P.M. on ESPN 2 and NBCSN, respectively. The two games only generated a combined 31,000 tweets sent from 16,000 different Twitter accounts seen 3,763,000 different times.

While it is impressive an authentic film about the early days of Hip Hop can perform this well on social media during prime time, it shows authenticity is not enough. In 2014, Lifetime put Aaliyah's legacy into a blender and oozed out the lukewarm biopic Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B, and Twitter was in an uproar. Well, as CULTUREDAPPROVED predicted back then, hate outweighs love on Twitter. The 997,000 tweets the biopic attracted is nearly 20xs the amount of The Breaks. The 3.4 million Twitter accounts that saw one tweet about Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B is nearly 5xs bigger than the Twitter audience for The Breaks

Interestingly enough, The Breaks' version of Hip Hop was less preferred than VH1's other brand of Hip Hop, soap opera Love & Hip Hop, which aired an hour after The Breaks at 10 P.M. Last night's episode of Love & Hip Hop attracted 125,000 tweets sent from 45,000 different Twitter accounts. Those tweets were seen 7,116,000 times and at least once by 1,040,000 different Twitter accounts.

Now, Love & Hip Hop is a staple on Twitter, usually averaging these numbers and one could argue it helped establish VH1 as somewhat of a destination for Hip Hop content for a movie like The Breaks to get any sort of Twitter attention. But, the disparity between the Twitter activity for something generally liked (The Breaks) and something generally derided (Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B) further paints Twitter as a place where hate is not only propagated but rewarded. 

Check out the full Twitter TV charts from last night (January 4th, 2016) below: