#iBeTrolling: Trevor Noah

Comedy Central has long been a leader in pushing the envelope with both comedy and humor. The network has helped propel Dave Chappelle into a Prince-like iconic status. It kept its ear to the streets -- damn it; I meant YouTube and brought the National Treasure of Broad City to our living rooms weekly. Even thier current mega success, Key & Peele, came from the humble grass roots beginings. I say that to make this point, Comedy Central has taken some radical leaps of faith. Some may have been out of their minds (of Mencia) while making, but most were worth the risk. 

The story of The Daily Show Origins were no different my friends. 17 years ago, Comedy Central gave Jon Stewart, then marginally successful, a chance and here we are today. 

With the news of Jon Stewart leaving The Daily Show later this year, many were asking who would be a fitting successor to the cult phenomenon-turned-credible-news host's seat. Earlier this week it has been revealved, South African and relative new comer, Trevor Noah will be next up to bat. Here is where the double sided spear come in.

After the news broke, in what Im sure was innocent curiosity of who the new host is, Twitter went bonkers at the type of tweets a comic would tweet. Though worthy of trolling that act its self, I want to dissect the larger issue we all face: Racist and Reverse Racist have both found a common enemy in Trevor. 


Its been a rough couple of years for race relations in the good ol' U.S. of A. With the Land Of The Free prepping for the winter season of The Arab Spring, we turn to ourselves once again for self deprocation. The post 9/11 unity that bewildered us for a decade and a half has worn out its welcome and we're back to the 50 Shades Grey in the ever going Black vs White American Civil War. This time around the players got new names but we know who they are. For the fear of this article resurfacing when i follow my parody-news-hosting career, we'll call them the afore mentioned The Racist and the Reverse Racist. 

Vs. The Racist

Trevor Noah, is like a undercover spy for ignorance.  Lets face it, his succession to Jon Stewart would not be met with the same haste if he looked more like Jon Stewart. Who would want to have a foriegner coming over and reporting American political news? Never mind Pierce Morgan at CNN or Martin Bashir on MSNBC. Or even the success of Daily Show spin-off  Last Week Tonight with John Oliver ... Its just this guy we dont want after not liking a handful of tweets. 

Half African/Half Swedish and a speaker of six languages, this man is built to be the control variable in any social experiment. And that can be used to the advantage of the little guy (minorities). 




Vs. The Reverse Racist

Trevor Noah, is like an undercover spy for ignorance. Lets face it, minorities always feel we have to stick together even if we dont disagree. Much like voting for Obama (another half African/ Half White) Trevor Noah represents a huge "FOH" to the minorities that feel they are alone out there riding that line of political and social awareness; both good and bad. 

Half African/Half Swedish, raised in aparthied South Africa, this man is built to be the example of what a real post racism up bringing looks like on both sides of the race relations. 


All in all, like Jon Stewart, I too am excited to see what Mr. Daily Show will do with his new position. The idea of a African in America rather than an African American, is an interesting one to me. If his stand up routines are any indication, no one is safe. We will all be trolled.