Black Jesus: Book Of Genesis Pt. 2

Black Jesus

Book of Genesis Pt. 2

Fish & The Con Man

Praise the lord for the prodigal son has returned. Black Jesus has come back for it's second episode. Now that the characters have been established, we get to explore what looks to be the plot of season.

In the opening scene we have another showdown between Jesus and complex manager, Vic. At first it would seem that Vic has a soft spot for Jesus,  but nope. Vic just thinks that Jesus is a bum trying to pull a fast one on Fish and the rest of the team.

Speaking of Fish and the disciples, this episode picks up on the adventure of starting a community garden. With a lack of funds and an abundance of ambition, they find themselves at the hands of Boonies mom, Ms. Tudy. Even though we know Ms. Tudy loves and trust Jesus, she's not ignorant to the fact that Jesus isn't the 'money is the motivation' type. After getting extorted by some Mexican gangsters, Ms. Tudy gives an ultimatum stating "Ms. Tudy dont get extorted by no body. So make a choice of who you scared of... them or me."

This episode is also pivotal for the development of Bibilical characters into secular characters