Five Reasons You Should Have The WWE Network


 As a big wrestling fan I constantly get asked by random non wrestling fan friends "Yo, you got the network?", "is it worth it?" blah blah etc. The answer is simple.... Hell Yeah I got it and I love it like a child I didn't plan on having. You know what I mean, you look at it in wonder and think how did you get here? Launched back in February in the states I was shocked to see the backlash many gave the network for it's groundbreaking approach and innovative new way to watch wrestling. I on the other hand embraced the network like a chubby girl in the club at 3:30 am when you realize your options of taking something home are slim to none. The team here at #CulturedApproved asked me to give my insight on the network so I compiled a list reasons why avid wrestling viewers should have the network and even the casual ones too because the inner child in you secretly still loves wrestling if you admit it or not.

#5 - Brock Lesnar is the WWE Champion

what a good looking family-

what a good looking family-

If you are wondering why Brock Lesnar is on the list then I'm wondering why you are wondering, This is not your typical champion, he doesn't drink lots of beer or raises his eyebrow. He's a former UFC Heavyweight Champion who realistically speaking could most likely take on a small village.. solo...and win. The authenticity of Brock is exactly what WWE needs right now, and they made the right move by placing the WWE gold around Lesnar's waist.

After crushing The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30 and breaking "The Streak", Brock went on to Summer Slam to not only defeat John Cena for the strap but deliver a whopping 16 German suplexes to the man who's been carrying the company for the past 10 years. If you enjoy seeing grown men getting tossed around like rag dolls then you are going to love Brock's reign as champ.

imagine this...16 times-

imagine this...16 times-

#4 - No More PPV(Pay-Per Views)

Remember when you had to beg your parents to order a $50 dollar pay-per view event and the majority of times they shot you down with no remorse knowing you wanted to see your favorite wrestler take chair shots for 2 and a half hours? Well those days are over! The network includes everything that is WWE, consisting of 12 monthly pay per view events from Wrestlemania to the Royal Rumble. This gives the viewers a consistent outlet to follow the story lines and the convenience of saving money on your next cable bill. Thank you Vince!

#3 - New Talent

At one point in WWE we had Triple H (or shall we say Hunter Hearse Helmsley ) The Rock. Stone Cold, Edge ,The Hardy Boyz and a slew of other great talent running a muck in WWE, but in the mid 2000s it seemed the talent was paper thin...until now. With new and fresh talents like Bray Wyatt, Dean Ambrose, Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, the hilarious Bo Dallas, and even Dwayne Johnson's little cousin Roman Reigns (Who isn't so little himself) taking the forefront, the WWE universe is looking brighter than ever. The current new talent open doors for great new storylines and rivalries that's makes WWE exciting to watch. Imagine a Bray Wyatt vs The Undertaker in a casket match, Brock Lesnar vs Daniel Bryan, or could we even imagine a cousin vs cousin match with The Rock vs Roman Reigns!! All this could happen and in the great words of Bo Dallas ....."All you have to do is BO-lieve!"

#2 - Archives of WCW and ECW

Ah the good ol days.... remember ECW? The blood? The barb wire matches? RVD kicking a steel chair into someone's face? How about WCW? The NWO? Watching a young Chris Jericho or a pre-insane Chris Benoit? Want to relive Goldberg's undefeated streak before he got tasered by Scott Hall? No prob all you need is the network. Having vintage archives of WCW and ECW gives the older audience a chance to re-watch the matches that made them fans in the first place. The younger fans get to see the glory days of WCW before Vince Russo ran it to the ground and watch Paul Heyman guys wrestle like savages in ECW. The WCW/ECW option shows the influences of these great brands had on the wrestling industry while paying respect and giving homage to a era that will never happen again.

#1 - It's Only $9.99

With all respect to the other four reasons to buy the network the number one reason has to be ....IT'S ONLY $9.99!! Let's be truly honest with ourselves if you complain about a low price of $9.99 for everything listed above you don't deserve a TV let only the network. There's no reason for me to elaborate on this reason , it's here just to remind you that you are missing out on a great innovative way to watch wrestling. Point. Blank. Period!