Black Jesus: Book Of Genesis Pt. 1

Book Of Genesis

Black Jesus:

Smoking, Drinking, and Chillin


Our lord is back. Aaron McGruder's Black Jesus came to us last week at 11pm eastern time on the channel equivalent to the Mecca of ridiculous-insightful-left-handed comedies, Adult Swim. With nearly the same impact as the other color Jesus, actor Slink Johnson, displays a warm charisma and naive-child like demeanor that we have grown to understand the Holy Son to be. Standing at a staggering 6 foot 7,  Johnson also towers over most of the cast members. When matched with the aforementioned charisma and demeanor,  you get the tip of  the re-imagining to the most famous figure in, arguably,  the world.

The Genesis of the Newest Testament of Christ

The first thing you notice about the main character in this retelling of the the savior,  undoubtedly, is his outfit. Even though the show is set in present day 2014 Compton, California,  Jesus is still dressed in his iconic robe and sandals as well as an inexplicable "crown of thrones" sitting on a bed of straight flowing Anglo-textured hair. Once you kick off the episode you see a bevy of more out of place & ironic nuisances. Black Jesus smokes weed, sips 'nac and even has a glorious way of standing up for himself.

The opening scene struck me as contradictory as Jesus driving the get away car for a weed pick up (Jesus take the wheel). Here you get introduced to Jesus's main homies, Fish, Boonie & Jason. This scene kinda strikes a cord cause in retrospect, we all had a friend like Jesus- in high school- always broke but always down for the homies. if you were high like I was when watching this, you might of thought said homies was Jesus too. But I digress. This part of the episode was written, shot, and acted out brilliantly.  We also get introduced to Jason's girlfriend who happens to be an atheist. After having a quick back and forth, Jesus gets a visit from two of his early followers. This is my favorite bit in the episode. If Jesus was turn't like this i'd definitely roll with him.

As the plot unravels to the first episode, we get to see Jesus do some #RJS (Real Jesus Shit), aside from using the language of man and kicking it with men of sin, we see the initial misunderstanding and hate towards Jesus. The main protagonist we see in this light is Vic, the apartment complex manager,  played by Charlie Murphy. Though there isn't much interaction, except for the one scene , it was more than enough to hint at Vic"s influence towards the perception of Jesus.

A Trolls Testimony

By: Raggo The God

'Jesus is the homie' used to be a sinners go-to excuse. Fret no longer, for it seems the sinners have found a hope of redemption with Black Jesus. I myself, am a little skeptical on the whole religious aspect of things, mainly cause of religious zealots and televangelist, but that's another topic. The brain child of Aron McGruder's, controverstial The Boondocks creator & Mike Clattenberg's, Black Jesus do an immaculate job of mixing the gospel into present day urban culture to conceive a Django-esq twist on the Lords story.

Being that its the first episode, I cant judge too much on either side. Though I will state that I am excited to see what kinds of hyjinx Jesus & his disciples get into. With so much context and history to pull from, its damn near a devils playground for the possibilities for the story line of Black Jesus. 


Black Jesus airs Thursdays at 11pm on Adult Swim