Dominican Drew Explains Why He Was Fired From Hot 97 At Summer Jam (VIDEO)

By: Keith Nelson Jr (@JusAire)/Video by @FrskPurple

The tides are shifting and the old guards are being For the SECOND PART of our Tastemakers interview with Dominican Drew, he explains why he was let go from Hot 97 at this year's Summer Jam event. According to Drew, his firing was due to "new management" and the promotion of his mixtape with Buda Da Future & Grandz,  Mixtape Crates Vol.2 :

The reason why I got let go was because, I dropped it and I had the HOT 97 logo on the mixtpae. Now, we're not allowed to have the Hot 97 logo on the mixtapes. I did not know that. You can not use that to promote stuff. Recently, there have been meetings know..people can't advertise the logo on show fliers. If you're a DJ and you're mixing at the club, you can't have it on the flier. You got a mixtape, you can't have it on the flier.

While Drew does not specifically name who was responsible for his firing, he does state that "new management, new players in the game as of March" as being culpable. Back in February of this year, Emmis CEO Jeff Smulyan purchased WBLS-FM and replaced Hot 97's general manager Alex Cameron with former YMF Media president Deon Levingston. 

Check out the SECOND PART of Dominican Drew's Tastemakers interview below: