Dave Chappelle's Best Jokes From His 1st Radio City Music Hall Show [Missing Malaysian Plane, Donald Sterling, etc]

By Keith Nelson Jr (@JusAire)

On February 27th, 2013, Kevin Hart sat next to Chris Rock at the famous comedy club on 117 Macdougal St. in New York City called The Comedy Cellar and watched Dave Chappelle do an impromptu performance. He told GQ earlier this month that himself and Chris Rock "were joking about how Dave was just so much better than us."

That is who I and hundreds of others in the historic Radio City Music Hall watched.

Not a modern day update of The Chapelle Show with less commercial breaks. But a comedic force whose that commands the highest of reverential acclaim from any of his peers, no matter their proximity to their primes. Radio City Music Hall knew that and instituted a strict no recording device or cell phone usage permitted. Stupidly, I brought a tiny audio recorder and no paper. 

But when there's a Chappelle..you make a way:

So here are the most memorable (i.e. legible) jokes from Dave Chappelle's first ever headlining show at Radio City Music Hall:


Missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370

For the past three months a large portion of the Earth has been fixated on the March 8th Malaysia Airlines flight that went off course and vanished. Chinese Navy ships have have surveyed over 1500 miles of the Indian Ocean in search of the missing plane and ended with the people assumed to be dead in the water. 

Dave Chappelle found the entire fiasco to be a "useless mystery" because "I'm looking for something I've never seen?" In usual Chapellian(he's earned the right to have his own characteristic) humor, Dave took the time to juxtapose China's sorrow over this unsolved mystery with the Black culture's deep history with those very same types of mysteries:

"[The plane] landed safely...on Tupac Island. Welcome to our world, China. Black people live in a broth of unsolved mysteries."

Donald Sterling

One of Dave Chapelle's most memorable sketches from The Chapelle's Show was of the Black blind white supremacist, Clayton Bigsby. After last night, Bisby's kindred spirit is more than likely former (kind of still current) Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Sterling and the Clippers' organization were contacted by TMZ on April 23rd, two days before the tape leaked asking if they would like to make a comment prior to the dissemination of tape recorded by Sterling's ex-mistress V. Stiviano.  The Clippers players and coaching staff were not informed of this until after the tape was released by TMZ on April 25. The team played the Golden State Warriors in Game 2 the Quarterfinals of the Wester Conference playoffs in between the time the Clippers brass knew of the tape existence and the world found out.

According to Chappelle, that was the least the racist owner could have done for his team of mostly African American players.

Dave impersonated the beleaguered Sterling holding a players meeting to brace them on the upcoming bad news. According to Dave, former President of the NBA Players Association, Chris Paul would ask his boss if the tape in question was a sex tape to which Sterling would reply "Oh, I wish it was a sex tape."Then, with some help of Alzheimer's disease and facing the reality of the situation, Sterling would come clean:

“I can’t remember everything I said. I might’ve called you guys niggers.”





Dave Chappelle leaving a $50 million contract with Comedy Central for future seasons of The Chappelle Show continues to be the elephant in every room Dave Chappelle even pokes a toe into. While on stage, Dave was still visibly even though he repeatedly affirmed that he has come to terms with his decision and that his current comeback is to just "get enough money to disappear again." Near the end of the show, after spectators had successfully wiped back the last few laughter-induced tears, Chappelle spoke on the irony of the first Black president ever supporting higher taxation on the rich during the time when Chappelle finally has became wealthy. The punchline of the joke may have been the most insightful and honest truth shared by the comedian on his mindstate of a Black man who has achieved immense wealth:

Being a rich Black man is like wearing an itchy sweater. Keeps you warm, but it doesn't always feel right.

Dave Chappelle did not live up to, underwhelm or exceed the expectations. For over an hour, Dave Chappelle did what has made Dave Chappelle the greatest living comedian: he rewrote the rules on what was truly funny in 2014.

Here are a few Stray Jokes that I was able to decipher from my notes:

  • Dave has two sons, Sulayman and Ibrahim. He's put one in public school and one in private school as "an experiment".
  • He claims his mother is half-white, he has a long history of Caucasian in his ancestry and "if I grew my hair out you'd think it was a Katt Williams show."
  • When a fan yelled for the comedian to bring back The Chappelle Show, Chappelle answered "Bring back The Chappelle Show? After I do Half-Baked 2."
  • 50 Cent's inclusion on the remix of Love Rance's 2011 hit "I Beat The Pussy Up" that caught Dave's attention. Chappelle proceeded to impersonate famed boxing personality Larry Merchant having an interview with a vagina that 50 Cent "beat up". The conversation ended with the vagina admitting that 50 Cent broke through her defenses and hit her weak spot: the bean on the top of her head