Five Funniest Wrestlemania Moments

Big Show Gets His Ass Whooped By Money Mayweather (Wrestlemania 24)

Shane Moseley? Miguel Cotto? Ricky Hatton? Who was Floyd Mayweather's  toughest opponent?

If you said any name but The Big Show you owe that 7 Foot, 440 LB man an apology (and probably a steak)! In front of 74,635 screaming fans at Wrestlemania 24, it took an entourage, steel chairs, brass knuckles and no gloves so Money May could hilariously slay his Goliath.

My money still on Pacquio, though.

Vince Mcmahon vs Donald Trump (Hair vs Hair Match Wrestlemania 23)

It's two multi-millionaire men who may or may not have natural ownership of their hair(or egos) battling in Hair vs. Hair match. That sentence alone is as funny as any Wrestlelmania moment in a while. In a silly Hair vs Hair match with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the enforcer, we now know how far vince will go for PPV Buys!

I mean he had his only daughter kidnapped, tied to a gothic symbol and nearly sacrificed to a "Higher Power" that ended up being him. So what's a few strands of measly hair.?! 

Roddy Roddy Piper vs Mr T (in a boxing match at Wrestlemania 2)

41 year old Vince McMahon(younger than what 80% of current wrestling fans have known him as) was pulling quadruple duty on Wrestlemania 2. After leading the acquisition of World Wrestling Federation a few years earlier in 1984, Vince was not only promoting his second Wrestlemania but also providing such insightful boxing commentary as "Mr. T has somewhat of a 'peek-a-boo' style. "

Mr T Vs. the hot rod in the most hilarious boxing match you will ever see if for nothing else than the mere fact that none of these men ever really boxed a day in their life but ended up boxing in front of ou dont remember? Well i pity the fool!

4- Kofi Kingston Uses Ladders As Stilts (Wrestlemania 26)

We seen pretty much everything in a ladder match, but the sheer creativity of Kofi Kingston will have you smiling and laughing like you was 6 years old!

Big Show Sumo Wrestling Wrestlemania 23

Big Show shows up on the list again! Do i need to explain ? Theres a 7 foot 500 pound wrestler in a diaper in the ring!!! Nuff said( hope his bonus was good )