Cupid For Hire: Explaining The Business Of Love W/ Frsk Purple

By Frsk Purple(@FrskPurple)

Why aren't you in love?

The problem is that society has led us to believe that love and equality are God-Given rights that we must work hard to attain and even harder to sustain. I see moral and philosophical errors in that way of thinking. Under that mentality, it's only right to assume that things like "unconditional love" and "love at first sight" are mythical.

A question that I often catch myself pondering is "If love is free to create and distribute, why do we limit its production?" The only answer that I can think of is cause love is expensive. Birthday gifts, weekend getaways, anniversary extravaganzas and lets not forget the mother of  manufactured love: Valentine's Day.

We have been taught-- no-- We have been intrinsically conditioned from a young age to accept these methods as "expressions" of love. But why? Quite simply because love, like all things that started pure, is a business.

Let's examine for the sake of argument, the bottled water industry. Capitalist corporations found a way to turn the elixir of life into a multibillion dollar business by exploiting a demand for something that is already embedded into our natural code of survival. The same could be said for love and companionship.  Since the boom of and the subsequent "Cupid for hire" dating sites making bank, even the religious groups couldn't resist getting behind the cash cow of what all religious doctrines emphasized, love, with Christian Mingle,  J Date(Hitler's nightmare) and many other knockoffs. Now you can pay to have God's match for you found. Now if we can just find a way to get an Amazon drone to send that newly bought love over, our days of single life struggles are over!

If love or water could only be so simple. It isn't simple in the same respect as bottled water vs. tap water, which is kind of redundant of an argument especially since most bottled water comes from an industrial tap. Love is streamlined through an industrial tap. When we get down to the bare bones of it, you feel love. It could strike you if you're checking your email or being squeezed uncomfortably close on a crowded train.  All thats needed is the chemistry. 

So why would we need to use a data base in order to find what should be one of our most exciting journeys of our lives?

Business thats why.