Khary Durgans Breaks Down "Swim Team" EP (VIDEO)

On November 10th, I cut through a morosely talkative crowd at The Fader offices in Manhattan and asked the man who's orchestrated this gathering one question: "Are the bars there?" Providence, Rhode Island's Khary Durgans responded with: "it's all over the place." 

Nine months removed from releasing his debut mixtape Love & Anchors in February and Khary documents his life's ebb and flow on his newly released EP, Swim Team. The bars are definitely all over the place. He's "just a young nigga trying to save the world" ("Peace and Shit") who understands "even if you save the world, the world won't thank you" ("Hold Up"). 

Check out Khary Durgans explain each track from his Swim Team EP below: