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Live From The Underground

The origin is just as interesting as the destination. Host and Content Manager, Danny Lugo, takes the artists on the cusp of national reverence through the areas that molded them. Live From The Underground gets to the bottom of what the emerging stars are made of by taking them to where they were made from. 

The Mix Up

Radio 103.9 New York engineer, Dominican Drew, hosts The Mix Up. Delving into the technical and the sensational of the DJ culture with those that are responsible for breaking the records we all love (or hate). 

All the interviews are held at Rough Trade NYC in Williamsburg, NY, the largest record store in New York City.


Taste Makers

CulturedApproved’s Editor-In-Chief Keith Nelson sits down with the people who move the culture and influence the general artistic taste. From sports producers, radio program directors, reality show executive producers, all who influence the way we consume entertainment are covered on Tastemakers.

Story Teller

No beats, no CGI, no distractions. Just bars. The original series Storytellers features a wide array of MC’s delivering vivid stories.